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Beauty appreciation

How does the blistering eye look good? Learning these can make you big eyes!

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-02-18 Click:
It is really not a simple matter to paint eye makeup for girls with swollen eyes. Even the friends who make up the makeup artist say that they are afraid of encountering swollen eyes.
In fact, swollen eyes are really common in our daily life. Many swollen eyes are even accompanied by the phenomenon of internal double. Before a certain sound, many swollen eyes are painted with half eyelids, but they are open. The eyeliner disappeared immediately, which is the bitterness of the swollen eyes.
What is a swollen eye?
To know if you are swollen or not, we must first understand what a swollen eye is. The swollen blister is actually the blistering eye we often say, usually called blister or goldfish eye.
There are two types of swollen eyes, one is congenital, which often has a family history of genetics, often occurring in younger people.
Another kind is formed after the day, this is because of aging, eyelids loose, resulting in swollen eyes. Whether it is born or acquired, the swollen eyes are not only bad makeup, but also very incompetent.
In fact, in order to draw a good blistering eye, you must first know the key points of mulberry. Mastering these three elements can also change the blistering eye.
Swollen eye selection eye shadow skills
For girls with swollen eyes, you can choose a brown eye shadow, but not all brown eye shadows are available. Don't choose a pearlescent eye shadow that will visually add to your eyesight.
Girls with swollen eyes should never use pale pink eyeshadows, especially those with pearly light pink. This color of eye shadow will make your eyes appear more swollen, giving you the feeling that you just cried.
How to choose double eyelid stickers for swollen eyes
Double eyelid stickers can make the original swollen eyelids into double eyelids. Xiaobian suggested that the girls with swollen eyes should choose a double eyelid sticker with good adhesion, because many double eyelid stickers can support the time of double eyelid makeup because of insufficient stickiness. It is also relatively short.
Swelling blister eyes must remember to draw the eye shadow first and then stick the double eyelid stickers when painting the eye makeup.
If the swollen eye is accompanied by the inner double, you can directly attach the double eyelid to the original double eyelid fold when sticking the double eyelid paste. Remember to cover the original double eyelid, otherwise it will become three. Eyelids. When attaching double eyelid stickers, be sure to pull the double eyelid stickers to make the eyelids wrinkle, so that the double eyelid stickers can be applied more tightly.
Swelling eyelashes
The problem of swollen eyelashes is the most common problem. If your mascara is well brushed, it will fall on your face. For this situation, I suggest you still have to clip more eyelashes. several times.
After brushing the mascara, you can use a burning toothpick to brush the eyelashes from the inside out, from the bottom to the top, so as to keep the curl of the eyelashes. If the eyelashes are not long enough, you can use false eyelashes. False eyelashes can use segmented eyelashes, which will make you look more natural.
For girls with small eyes, the eyelashes can be increased by attaching the eyelashes to make the eyes look more radiant. If you want a natural makeup, you can use the very fine anti-corrosion eyeliner pen to draw the eyelashes.
Hey, about the painting method of swollen eye and eye makeup, I am here today. Xiao Bian thinks that the most difficult part for the swollen eye may be the part of the double eyelid paste, because the eyelid needs to adapt to the process, nothing can be at home. Try it so you can stick the natural double eyelids.