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Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial Steps Daily Makeup Tutorial for Makeup

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Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial Steps Daily Makeup Tutorial for Makeup
For girls who love makeup, eye makeup is especially critical. A simple and everyday eye makeup is the first choice for every girl. However, Xiaobian today will let your charms and eyes be smart, and beginners should not miss it!
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 01》》》》》 After the bottom of the whole face is isolated, first modify the eyebrows, use the eyebrow pencil to draw the entire eyebrow shape, then add color to the eye shadow or eyebrow powder, then lightly brush the natural Just fine.

Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 02"""" After processing the eyebrow shape, use a white eye shadow to apply a wide range of color on the upper eyelid, and also brush a little on the lower eyelid close to the eyelash.
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 03》》》》》 Then in the figure, the dotted line of the eyelids, and then apply a thin layer of white eye shadow, the lower eyelids are also best to brush again!
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 04》》》》》In the inside of the upper eyelid, that is, the eye shadow of the light brown glitter series is applied inside the double eyelid pleats.
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 05》》》》》 Apply the remaining eye shadow on the brush to the eye and the end of the eye, and apply the position in a triangle.
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial Steps Daily Makeup Tutorial for Makeup
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 06》》》》》 Then open your eyes and apply dark brown eye shadow at the triangle at the end of the eye to extend to the lower eyelid.
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 07""""" painted a light-colored series of eye shadows on the lower eyelids to brighten the entire eye, and can be lightly brushed on both the eye and the lying silkworm.
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 08"""" uses a black eyeliner to paint the slender inner eyeliner, and then use the dark brown eyeliner to smudge the depiction again, deepening the contour of the eyeliner.
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 09》》》》》For the deeper and more attractive eyes, you can use the white eyeshadow to lightly brush the lower eyelid dotted line (as shown in the figure), and the dark brown eye shadow can be used at the end of the eye (pictured). Light brush.
Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial 10》》》》》For lip makeup, use a lip brush to apply a lip balm to cover the entire lip, then apply the lip glaze to the middle of the lips. The simple lip makeup is complete.
This eye makeup is ideal for everyday dating or simple work, and the gloss of the entire eye makeup is very natural and can instantly power you up.