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Beauty appreciation

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2: The Most Popular Clown Makeup

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Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2: The Most Popular Clown Makeup
Screaming index: 70%
Beauty Index: 70%
Practicality: ☆☆☆☆
The image of the clown woman played by Margot Robbie in the movie "Suicide Squad" became a classic.
Ranked second is the most popular clown female Halloween makeup in recent years. Because this cute makeup element dominates, whether it is the heart of the heart, or the color of the eyeshadow or the color hair extension, will be increased by the index to increase the number of segments!

Asian girl Cos clown woman is also without any sense of disobedience.
But how many people are afraid to face their daily makeup, but Halloween will release their true heart and take the clown girl's sexy girl makeup!

Step 1:
Still choose the whitest foundation, apply it evenly on your face, and don't forget your neck, otherwise it will play in minutes!

Then use red and blue eyeshadow makeup to increase the range of blooming, and also smudge a part of the corner of the eye.

Depicting an up-and-down eyeliner, you can draw half of the lower eyeliner.

It is best to draw the eyebrows in the eyebrows. At this time, the word eyebrows are not suitable. It must be a bit fierce to raise the eyebrows!

Then apply a full red lip to your lips.

Then I ushered in the most lovely part - draw a small heart on the face with an eyeliner, and then write the word "rotten" on the lips.

Finally, get the highlights of the double ponytail, the classic will never go wrong!