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Beauty appreciation

Platinum Gradient Nail Art Course

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-10-18 Click:
Step 1: Prepare the nail polish and tools you need, trim your nails and polish your face. Brush the bottom oil and light for 60 seconds, as shown.
Step 2: Use the eye shadow brush to lick the silver platinum paper to make a gradient on the thumb, forefinger and little finger.
The third step: brush the diamond glue on the middle of the middle finger, stick the diamond, and illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds. Use the hook and thread pen to glue the diamond to the edge of the diamond, and illuminate for 60 seconds, as shown in the figure.
Step 4: Use the same method to stick the diamond on the ring finger and light it for 60 seconds, as shown in the figure. Finally, brush a layer of bright oil and light for 60 seconds. This style is finished~~