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How to fix the broken eyebrow so that you can save your eyebrow pencil

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-03-23 Click:
How to fix the broken eyebrow pencil
If the pencil type of the eyebrow pencil is broken, use a pencil sharpener or a small knife to cut it; if the liquid eyebrow pencil is broken, you can use a wide tape, or use 502 glue to stick, be sure to stick carefully. The pencil-type eyebrow pencil should be sharpened into a thin eyebrow pencil, and it can be slightly tilted. When you finish, remember to try it on your hand and cut to your satisfaction. If it cannot be repaired, it is recommended to buy it again.
What color of the eyebrow pencil looks natural
First, the choice of eyebrow pencil color is more important to a person's skin tone.
For the choice of eyebrow pencil color, one's skin color is more important, so it is recommended that those who have not very white skin color should choose a suitable eyebrow pencil color, because many times if a good color can make their skin color look It is whiter, so your choice is very important. If you want the eyebrow pencil to look good, then it is recommended that you choose the color of the eyebrow pencil as much as possible to fit your skin color, so it is also recommended that different people choose different color eyebrow pencils.
Second, a black eyebrow pencil is recommended.
For those with lighter eyebrows, it is recommended that you choose a black eyebrow pencil, and those with thinner eyebrows need to use a black eyebrow pencil to make up every time they apply makeup, and then use eyebrow powder to look good, so The crowd recommends that you try to choose a black eyebrow pencil that will look better. And not only people with thin eyebrows can choose black eyebrow pencils, but people with yellow skin tones can also choose black eyebrow pencils. These can help everyone know the role of brightening the skin tone, especially when everyone's skin is darker. You can also choose a black pen.
Third, light brown eyebrow pencil is also very nice.
The light brown eyebrow pencil is very nice, but it is suitable for those girls who are born with a fair complexion, so if you are not white enough, try not to choose light brown. And those who feel that they have the capital to control this color, it is recommended that you use this light brown eyebrow pencil. If you want to match the light brown eyebrow pencil color more beautifully, then you can also dye your hair brown and yellow, and the hair color will make your skin tone more white, so you can also try to match it like this .
Fourth, the brown eyebrow pencil is more beautiful.
The brown eyebrow pencil is more versatile, so those with yellowish skin can try the brown eyebrow pencil. Because brown and light brown can help everyone brighten skin tone. So this color is also very nice, I suggest everyone to try it. Because it is lighter brown, the brown one will look better, because the brown eyebrow pencil is more suitable for Asians, so it is also a versatile and versatile eyebrow pencil color.