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How to use nail jelly

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How to use nail jelly
First use alcohol cotton pads to disinfect the nails, and then choose a jelly paste that is suitable for your nail size, peel the nails, and press them on the nails for about 30 seconds. You can trim the length at will. Nail jelly gel is used in this way. Remember that alcohol disinfection is essential, which is the necessary safety and health protection.
How to remove nail gel jelly
It is recommended to remove it at a professional nail shop. Because nail jelly is very difficult to remove, it is too sticky. And when unloading, use a small wooden stick to pry open a corner, and then pull the entire nail off, the process is quite rough. There is no way to remove ordinary makeup remover. Nail polish can only remove nail polish. It has no effect on jelly gel.
Can nail gel jelly be used for pregnant women
From the perspective of material safety, pregnant women and children can use jelly gum, because the material is non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly. However, jelly gel is still inconvenient for daily life, especially for people with mobility problems such as pregnant women. So it is still recommended not to use it.
What are the dangers of always doing nail art
Long-term manicure can damage the nails, make the nails infected and inflamed, and affect the human respiratory system. Many beauty-loving girls like to make nails. There are many types of nails on the market, but most of the nail ingredients contain substances that are harmful to the human body. Prolonged manicure will inevitably affect the body.