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Beauty appreciation

How to repair Jianmei

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How to repair Jianmei
The first step is to cut the eyebrows and observe the growth direction of the eyebrows. Use a spiral brush to comb the eyebrows along the direction of the eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow scissors to cut the thick and heavy hairs and those wildly grown eyebrows. The second step is to determine the shape of the eyebrow. The sword eyebrows are often straight, and the tail of the eyebrows has a horizontal right triangle like a sword. You can use a eyebrow pencil to draw a large frame, and then remove the outside eyebrows. The next step is to fill it with an eyebrow pencil to make the eyebrows look dense and neat.
What face shape is suitable for Jianmei
Sword eyebrows are generally more suitable for boys. The contour lines on the face are relatively soft, and long flesh can make the face round. I feel that I am not masculine. This situation is more suitable for straightening the sword eyebrows. The eyebrow peak is a little sharp and a little angular, and the face can be visually Get a sense of contour on the show, more personal charm.
How do boys draw eyebrows
Because men ’s eyebrows are not being repaired as often as girls, there is a lot of extra hair on the eyebrows. To have a patterned and angled eyebrows, the first thing to do is to use the eyebrow knife to repair the eyebrows and the eyebrow knife to repair the eyebrows. The lower hairs allow the eyebrows to grow in a regular manner. It is best to adjust the eyebrows according to the growth of the eyebrows. No need to deliberately modify the shape or fineness. The natural style is the priority.
How to use eyebrow pencil
First determine the position of the eyebrow, eyebrow peak, and eyebrow tail, and then draw the eyebrow tail with the wide surface of the eyebrow pencil. After the eyebrow tail is painted, slowly bloom forward. The strength of the eyebrow pencil drawing should be kept deep in the middle and light on both sides. Simply draw the eyebrows in a few strokes and comb with the eyebrow brush. The natural and beautiful eyebrows are completed.