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How to draw forehead makeup

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How to draw forehead makeup
The first is the base makeup, moisturizing first, the foundation is white. Then it's eye makeup, choose the earth color and stretch the eyeliner. If you have eyebrows, you should choose to thicken your flat eyebrows and lift your eyebrows. The last step is the lip makeup and the flower on the forehead. It is recommended to use matte lipstick for lip makeup, first use a lip brush to outline the delicate lips, and then fill it up. Flower can be painted on the forehead with make-up pigments, the color is generally selected red.
What is forehead makeup
The forehead makeup is a kind of imitation makeup of the Tang Dynasty. The flower on the forehead is an important part of the forehead makeup. Huadian is a kind of floral ornament on the face of women in ancient times. Originating from the Southern Song Dynasty, the flower tin has three colors of red, green, and yellow, with red being the most. It is made of gold and silver and covered in hair. It is a popular jewelry in the Tang Dynasty. In addition to plum blossoms, the shape of flowers is also very beautiful and novel.
How to choose face paint
When choosing a suitable face painting material, in addition to factors such as beauty and price, practicality and safety are also issues that deserve everyone's attention. For the face painting materials to be chosen by actors on stage performance, we can choose water-soluble face painting pigments or use cosmetics instead. In this case, it is not easy to sweat, so there is no "makeup" on the face painting, and the taste is small and easy to clean, less toxic to the human body, and safer.
Material of face paint
The materials used in face painting are mainly composed of the following three components, which are cosmetics, plant pigments and acrylic pigments. Cosmetics mainly use color makeup such as lipstick, eyeliner, and eye shadow. These materials mainly contain ingredients such as vegetable oil and surfactant. Plant raw materials are mainly extracted from parts of plants that contain dye components. Acrylic material is the most common. This material is more affordable and easier to clean than the other two. It can be cleaned with alcohol or wet wipes containing alcohol.