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What is the use of the repair stick?

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What's the use
The trimming stick uses the shades of the two colors to create a light and shadow effect, which visually makes people feel small. It is also used to modify the contour of the face, creating shadows on both sides and shadows on the nose to make the facial features look more three-dimensional. The light-colored head can even brighten the face.
How to use the trim bar
1. The dark color bar is drawn from the position of the hairline under the cheekbones, and the position of the mandible on both sides is outlined. The roots of the nose and the position of the nose should also be painted, and a line under the lips to increase the dimensionality of the lips.
2. Apply light-colored trimming on the forehead, chin, nose bridge, and the triangle under the eyes to brighten. The triangle under the eyes should be under the dark circles under the eyes.
3. Choose a brush or sponge, spread out the light-colored repair first, and then take the dark-colored repair.
The texture of the bar
The texture of the shaving stick is creamy, so there is no need to worry about whether the shaving stick will dry or not. The moisture level is very good. It will not be oily after use. It is a very comfortable texture overall.
Precautions for using the repair bar
1. The volume repair stick itself is a paste, which is very similar to lipstick, so if it is placed in a higher temperature environment, it will melt or even break off. It is recommended to usually put it in a dry and ventilated place, if found The trimming stick melts, just put it in the refrigerator and freeze it.
2. After the sealing rod is opened, its paste will come into contact with air and bacteria and dust in the air, which will accelerate its deterioration. Therefore, when it is used up, it needs to be immediately covered with a lid.
3. The shaver can be used not only to draw faces, but also to draw the position of the clavicle, which can make the clavicle more visible.