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How to apply makeup when there is much oil on the face

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How to apply oil on the face
1. It feels like girls are going to control oil in summer skin care. Although oil control is very important, if you want the skin condition on your face to be good and make-up does not take off naturally, the most important thing is to hydrate your skin, otherwise the water and oil on your face will be unbalanced If you go on like this for a long time, your skin will get worse and worse, so before summer makeup, the first thing to do is to make your skin hydrated and healthy, so that your makeup will be more docile. The water emulsion, isolation and sunscreen used are preferably hydrating and refreshing, so that the makeup will be natural and beautiful.
2. There is a lot of oil on the face in summer. The most prone problem with makeup is makeup removal, so it is recommended that you use a makeup spray before applying the makeup, so that the makeup can be more close to the skin, so it won’t happen very much. Makeup remover powder, the makeup spray can also make your skin a little more hydrated. The liquid foundation used in summer is best to choose a lighter oil control, otherwise the skin is not breathable and prone to acne. The liquid foundation can't be pushed away by hand directly. This way the skin color will be uneven and the makeup will be very heavy. You can use a beauty egg or a foundation brush.
   3. In addition to the importance of controlling oil and setting makeup in summer, the other makeup steps are similar, so you just need to apply makeup according to your usual makeup style. After the entire makeup is completed, it is best to use a little oil-controlling make-up loose powder to make the face more refreshing and natural, and the makeup will stay longer.
   How to apply oil on your face
   Cosmetics that make the skin free of “oil” and carefree are now officially entering the stage of makeup. First, all products selected are “alcohol-free” products, which are the most basic. There is no need to emphasize that oily skin is best not to use oily products. As long as you have used oil-based cosmetics, I believe you will directly appreciate the difference between it and oil-free cosmetics.
All cosmetics selected from   , from lotions, creams, liquid foundations, to pressed powder or loose powder, are specially designed for oily skin. When applying makeup, sebum secretion should be covered to the greatest extent to make the overall makeup look non-greasy. In addition, if there are acne on the face, using too much powder, the effect will not be very good. Because of the application of several layers of foundation on the face, make the makeup thickly piled on the face, but acne will become more obvious.
   For oily skin, the effect of using concealer is better than liquid foundation. Since the liquid foundation has relatively more oil, it will make oily skin look more oily. In addition, liquid foundation can easily lead to the attachment of external pollutants and become the main cause of skin problems. However, if it is in the summer when sebum production is relatively strong, it does not matter if a small amount of liquid foundation is used. At this time, it is best to choose a liquid foundation that has the function of adjusting sebum and can prevent sweat and water.
  Summer cosmetics suitable for oily skin
1. Maybelline's moisturizing liquid foundation, Xiao Bian always thinks that the most important thing for makeup is base makeup. If the base makeup is not good enough, the entire makeup looks particularly ugly, so choose the right foundation according to your skin quality The liquid is very important. Maybelline's liquid foundation is quite easy to use. I have been using this all the time. It is no problem to use it in summer because it is particularly refreshing and hydrated.
2. Lanzhi's green refreshing cream, everyone must pay attention to isolation in summer, in fact, no matter what season, you must use the cream before makeup, otherwise it will have a great impact on the skin, it will be more important in summer, otherwise direct contact with cosmetics The skin will irritate the skin, plus the skin itself loves to sweat. If you don't pay attention, your face will have acne. Xiaobian recommends that you use Lanji's isolation cream. The green is particularly refreshing and has a little concealer effect.
3. The fine brush mascara of the perfect diary, many girls will have some problems when applying lashes, the most obvious performance is the appearance of fly legs, and the mascara will get on the eyelids, the editor recommends girls who wear makeup and shake Try this mascara from Perfect Diary. Its mascara is very thin and it is very convenient to use. The main thing is that it dries quickly and you don’t have to worry about smudging on your skin.
  How to improve the oil on the face
1. Eat less irritating food: Some people have to say that Chunge eats spicy every day, why is the skin so good? In fact, irritating food is not just spicy food, coffee, fried chicken wings, skewers, cigarettes, spirits, Can destroy your natural good skin.
   2. Regularly do deep cleansing of the skin: If you wash your face only two or three times, then it is not a strange thing to get oily. The skin does not automatically become clean, it requires your diligent care to maintain a good state. It is recommended to do 1 or 2 times of exfoliation every month, if the skin is old and oily, you can add more times.
   3. Reduce stress: In the closed office all day, I feel like a bird in a cage, and I don't feel a trace of freedom. Such a daily numb life will not only make you slack in skin care, but radiation and dust will make your skin more and more oily. It's better to give yourself time to stay away from the computer, away from the reports, do yoga, walk slowly, and go to nature to find the power to renew the skin.
  What should I do if oil comes out after makeup
Method 1: The first method is that we can carry a box of oil-absorbing paper with us when we go out, so that the sweat on the face can be wiped off in time, but we don’t use the wipe method, just press gently on the love face The place where the oil comes out is enough, which can effectively solve the problem of oily and oily face.
Method two: Similarly, we carry a bottle of oil-controlling moisturizing spray with us when we go out. After we use oil-absorbing paper to wash the oil, spray the face with the oil-controlling moisturizing spray to replenish the face with oil. The problem is alleviated, this method is still very useful, so if the oil problem on your face is more serious, you can carry a small box of oil-absorbing paper and a small bottle of oil-control moisturizing spray with you every day when you go out, so that you can always Apply an oil control moisturizer to the face anywhere.
Method three: In fact, most of the causes of oil on the face are our skin quality problems. If the skin itself is oily, we need to take a long-term care of our skin to convert our oily skin to neutral Skin, so that the problem of oil on our face is basically solved. And when we choose skin care products and cosmetics, we must choose low content of oily ingredients, so that the burden on the skin is not so heavy, if the long-term use of cosmetics with a large amount of oily ingredients will make the skin oil problem more and more serious. This is the reason why the oil from our skin essentially solves the problem of oil on our face. If there is a long-term persistence, I believe that the problem of oil on our face can be solved.
Method 4: There is another very important reason for oil after face makeup, that is, our makeup is not done well enough. The first is that the powder used for fixing makeup is not suitable for your skin type. Our skin with serious oil is the most Fortunately, use oil-controlling matte loose powder, so that the oil can be effectively suppressed. The second is that our makeup method should be correct. Friends with serious oil can not just casually apply this makeup. Here is a baking makeup method recommended for Everyone, use the baking and setting method to set makeup, so that the setting effect will be better. The method of setting makeup is this: choose a loose powder suitable for your skin type, dip the loose powder with a wet sponge egg, and then press it on the place where you usually sweat and oil, and press it constantly on the face, feeling the pile of the face The powder can fall off, and then let the three points stay on the face for five minutes. After five minutes, use the remaining powder brush to remove the excess loose powder. If there is a makeup spray, you can spray it with the makeup spray. The makeup effect will be better.